Write with us!

Expedition: Singapore is constantly looking for a write who is passionate about Singapore.
If you love writing, take a part in promoting Singapore to potential tourists!

Here are a few guidelines to avoid confusion:
  1. You can write about anything as long as it's about Singapore, in 500-800 words.
  2. You can submit photographs too (it'd better if it's your own photograph!).
  3. Your name will be written as the author of the article, of course, and we will be happy to include a link to your website, Facebook, Twitter, or other medium.
  4. We reserved the rights to edit your article. To ensure that our articles have impeccable grammar, and to avoid commercialism by certain individuals.
  5. We reserved the rights not to publish an article that contains hate speech, racism, commercial publicity, and other reasons that might be disadvantageous for Singapore.
If you have other questions, drop us a message!

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