FAQs about Singapore

Frequently Asked Questions on Singapore

It's always better to do research before you come to a foreign country (at least read the Wikipedia page of that country) to avoid awkwardness and unpleasant trip. Here is a glimpse of what you need to know before setting your foot in this island country.

1. Where is Singapore located?
Singapore is located at the southern tip of Malay Peninsula, that is, the sharp corner of West Malaysia and thus the general weather of this country is tropic (between 24-33 degree celcius). Be sure to bring an umbrella if you decide to walk around as sometimes the weather gets scorching hot while at some other random time, it's raining.

2. Is a Tourist Visa required to visit Singapore?
According to Singapore immigration, South East Asian (ASEAN) residents are free to enter Singapore, except for Burmese. And the following countries are also free to enter Singapore:
  • United States of America, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Finland, France, Norway, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Italy, Iceland, Luxemburg, Japan, Republic of Ireland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Netherlands, San Marino, Switzerland;
  • Countries that are members of the British Commonwealth (except India).
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3. How much money should I bring with me if I decided to visit Singapore?
Roughly, if you're backpacking, you need only about S$40/day per person for accommodation and meals.
If you're on the luxury side, however, approximately $300/day per person for accommodation (hotel fare) and meals. That's excluding shopping.

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1. How long can I stay in Singapore?
Immigration officers can grant you 30 days, 14 days or just a couple of days to stay in Singapore. You have to check the stamp you got in your passport when you enter Singapore.

2. Where should I go in Singapore?
Popular places in Singapore including Orchard Rd, Bugis Street,

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3. How do we get to Sentosa?
Alight at the Harbourfront MRT station (Purple line) or Harbourfront Bus Interchange.
You can either make your way to the 3rd level of VivoCity shopping mall to catch the Sentosa Express rail, or walk there from VivoCity via Boardwalk (bridge). It is also possible to drive directly or ride the cable car to Sentosa. Click here for more details.

4. Is there free internet in Singapore?
There are free public internet all over Singapore, in public places like shopping malls, library, cafes and restaurant. The one provided by the government is called Wireless@Sg. You have to sign up to use it, but it's free. Just open your browser once you're connected, and it'll prompt you to sign up or log in.
Otherwise, the local cafes/restaurants usually have their own, you can ask the password from the staffs.
Unfortunately, for hotels, you have to pay if you want to use the internet provided by the hotel (which is a lot faster than the free public internet, of course).

1. Can I claim refund of the GST paid on gifts purchased in Singapore?
As a visitor to Singapore, you may claim refund of the GST paid on your purchases under the Tourist Tax Refund Scheme. To enjoy the scheme, the purchase must be made from a participating shop. Participating shops will display “Tax Refund” logo or a Global Refund "Tax Free Shopping" logo. On your day of departure from Singapore Changi Airport, please proceed to the Tax Refund Counter and present your purchases together with the tax claim forms for customs inspection. Please note that Customs will not process the tax claim forms if the goods are not presented for inspection.