Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Where to eat: Esmirada @ Orchard

Esmirada Restaurant at Orchard
Opening hours:
12.00 pm to 10:30 Sunday to Thursday; 12.00 pm to 11 pm Fridays to Saturdays.

#01-29 Orchard Road Hotel, 442 Orchard Rd.

What to expect:
At a glance, the restaurant that offers Mediterranean, Spanish, and Western food looks like any fine dining restaurants. But wait till 9 pm and you can experience the smashing good time. Literally.
It is the time for Esmirada 'Zorba' – an ancient Greek habit of smashing plates for good luck! Even if you're not superstitious, the activity is good to relief stress and anger; for team-bonding activity, and/or burned off some calories from the Esmirada's renowned Tiramisu.

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