Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Chingay Parade

Singapore Chingay 2010 - Asia's Grandest Street and Floats Parade

Official site: Chingay.org.sg
Singapore Travel Tip: Time your Singapore tour to co-incide with both Chingay 2010 and River Hong Bao Carnival!

Where: Singapore F1 Grand Prix Pit Building @ Marina Bay
Friday, 19 Feb 2010, 8.30pm
Saturday, 20 Feb 2010, 8pm

Free admission along Parade route. Viewing stands require tickets. Click here for the ticket prices.

On 4 February 1973, the first Chingay parade was held in Singapore, partly as a result of the ban on firecrackers a year earlier in 1972 as a result of fire hazards. This ban was viewed unfavourably despite the safety issues involved. Some people felt that the ban would result in a much dampened festival mood for the Chinese New Year period. To address this issue, the People's Association and the Singapore National Pugilistic Association jointly organised a street parade from Jalan Besar to Outram Park featuring the signature floats, acrobatic acts, lion and dragon dances, stilt walkers, and the like, to bring back some cheer to the general public.

In 1990, to celebrate 25 years of Singapore 's independence, Chingay made its evening debut.

Chingay reached its cosmopolitan peak in 2000 and 2001 when exotic groups from far-flung regions like Tahiti , Ghana , Brazil and Slovenia made their first appearance and thrilled tourists and Singaporeans.

Sources: Gov.sg Calendar.

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