Monday, January 18, 2010

Trivia: Toilets

Singapore takes the leaking business seriously.

In Singapore, you don't have to worry if you suddently need to do your business. Toilets are available in malls, public places and foodcourts.
Well, as you know that almost everywhere in Singapore are malls, public places and foodcourts. So if you suddenly have the urge, you can just stop by at one of the public buildings.

Some toilets in foodcourts, you will need to pay. The fees are range from 10 to 20 cents. But this is rare.

During public events (like concerts, New Year celebration, F1) the organizers will provide portable public toilets (see example picture).

Toilets in Singapore have both cubicles with toilet bowls, and those with squating toilet.

Did you know?
The first World Summit on Toilets was conducted in Singapore in 2001. >>
There are 34 portable toilets available during F1 2009. >>

Toilet of ION Orchard, Singapore

Click here to see the ratings of toilets in Singapore.

More information: Restroom Association.

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